In partnership with a few renowned companies, Vectra Auto Sales also offers many options of Warranty packages for your used cars. Don’t take the chance of a costly repair.

Used Vehicle Protection Plans

New vehicles may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but once that has run out, you are responsible for any breakdowns that might occur. By adding a Used Vehicle Protection Plan to your vehicle, it will help offset the cost of any repairs you may need.

Repair Coverage

From basic coverage of a vehicle’s most expensive components to comprehensive plans that rival a manufacturer’s basic factory warranty, the warranty plans offered at Vectra Auto Sales can provide the coverage to fit your needs and your budget.

Roadside Assistance

Just like repairs can be unexpected so can be the time you need them. Roadside Assistance will help you wherever you are. Whether you need some gas to make it to the next station or need to get your car towed to a repair shop, your Warranty will get you taken care of.